Text from Baltimore Church 1692

“Go quietly among the din and the hurry, and remember the peace that can exist in silence. Without alienation, live as much as possible with everyone in harmony. Say your truth slowly and clearly and listen to others, even the simple-minded and ignorant ones; they also have their own story. Avoid noisy and aggressive individuals, they are a vexation for the mind. Do not compare yourself with anyone: you would risk becoming vain or cocky. There is always someone “bigger and smaller” than you. Enjoy your projects as well as your accomplishments. Always be interested in your career, however modest it may be; it is a real possession in the changing prosperity of time. Be careful with your affairs, because the world is full of deceit. But do not be blind in regard to the virtue that exists; many individuals are searching for great ideals; and life is everywhere filled with heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not affect friendship. No longer be cynical in love, because it is of any sterility and any disenchantment as eternal as the grass. Kindly take the advice of years, leaving behind your youth with grace. Fortify a power of mind to protect you in case of sudden misfortune. But do not grieve with your chimeras. Many fears arise from tiredness and loneliness. Beyond a healthy discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe; no less than trees and stars, you have the right to be here. And whether it be clear to you or not, the universe is undoubtedly proceeding as it should. Be in peace with God, regardless of your conception, and regardless of your occupation and your dreams, keep in the noisy confusion of life, peace in your soul. With all its deceitfulness, its tedious tasks and its broken dreams, the world is nevertheless beautiful. Take care. Try to be happy.”