Spring Fever!

Spring Fever 2017!

PROMENA Foundation started Spring of 2017 with a series of events that aims to provide basic and theoretical knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa region. Having begun its journey in November 2016, PROMENA Foundation recently has bloomed into what it aims to become: A promoter of the cultural diversity and richness of the Middle East and North Africa.

Spring Events

spring event

Two documentary screenings and discussions have been hosted by PROMENA. First, the story of the controversial rescue group in Syria, 'White Helmets' was on the screen. Then 'Reel Bad Arabs', a documentary about the image of the Arab that is projected by Hollywood was shown. Both documentaries led to rich discussions about the region and its issues. And thanks to the International richness of the background of the guests, it has been an efficient exchange of opinions and points of view. Next two documentary screening and discussion will be held on the 11th of May and the 8th of June. Learn more


Anna Lindh Foundation

Anna Lindh Foundation logo

Last month PROMENA became a member of the prestigious Anna Lindh Foundation Network (ALF Network). ALF is an intergovernmental institution that brings together a number of NGO's and institutions from the EU and 10 countries from the Middle East together to constitute a network to improve cultural exchange, understanding and support across the Mediterranean. PROMENA is looking forward to cooperate and exchange with the other organizations within the network, and the initial steps were taken at the ALF Networking meeting in Amsterdam on 29th of March. See more


Mr.Sharif Goes to Hollywood!
by Emily Boulter


As the Awards season raps up in Hollywood, it is worth taking a look at some of the Arab actors who have graced the silver screen and how the film industry has evolved towards the Middle East. 
Many consider the 1950s and 60s to be the golden age of Arab cinema. The actor who perhaps best symbolized the glamour of the era was Omar Sharif. Born Michel Dimitri Chalhoub, in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, he would later choose to convert to Islam in order to marry the actress Faten Hamama...Read more

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